Bienvenue au cœur de la Cerdagne française - Welcome in the heart of the French Cerdagne - Bienvenido al centro de la Cerdaña francesa
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Photographic credits : A. THIBAUT
Free-entry stop-over station without staff and without distributor of tickets. Possibility to purchase tickets directly on the yellow train for the trip.

Data recovery time : 24/09/2020 22:32
Type of transportNumberDestinationDeparture timeDelay
TER425850Villefranche-Vernet-l.B (Fuilla)25/09/2020 08:590 min
TER425851Latour-de-Carol-Enveitg (Enveitg)25/09/2020 10:440 min
TER425854Villefranche-Vernet-l.B (Fuilla)25/09/2020 16:080 min
TER425857Latour-de-Carol-Enveitg (Enveitg)25/09/2020 19:030 min

Latour-de-Carol - Enveitg

Data recovery time : 24/09/2020 22:32
Type of transportNumberDestinationDeparture timeDelay
TER871470Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 07:210 min
TER425850Villefranche-Vernet-l.B (Fuilla)25/09/2020 08:280 min
TER871472Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 10:080 min
TER871474Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 13:240 min
TER425854Villefranche-Vernet-l.B (Fuilla)25/09/2020 15:350 min
TER871476Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 16:240 min
TER871478Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 18:150 min
Intercités de nuit3970Paris-Austerlitz (Paris)25/09/2020 18:510 min


Data recovery time : 24/09/2020 22:32
Type of transportNumberDestinationDeparture timeDelay
Car TER425351Villefranche-Vernet-l.B (Fuilla)25/09/2020 05:370 min
TER876100Narbonne (Narbonne)25/09/2020 05:380 min
TER876250Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 06:090 min
TER876104Narbonne (Narbonne)25/09/2020 06:380 min
TER876406Nîmes (Nîmes)25/09/2020 07:090 min
TGV INOUI6202Paris-Gare-de-Lyon (Paris)25/09/2020 07:310 min
TER876604Montpellier-Saint-Roch (Montpellier)25/09/2020 07:380 min
TER86967Port-Bou (Portbou)25/09/2020 07:550 min
TER876252Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 08:090 min
TER877667Prades-Molitg-les-Bains (Prades)25/09/2020 08:160 min
TER86969Port-Bou (Portbou)25/09/2020 08:550 min
TER876410Narbonne (Narbonne)25/09/2020 09:090 min
TER877669Prades-Molitg-les-Bains (Prades)25/09/2020 10:060 min
TER876254Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 10:090 min
TGV INOUI6256Paris-Gare-de-Lyon (Paris)25/09/2020 10:410 min
TER86981Port-Bou (Portbou)25/09/2020 10:550 min
TER876414Avignon-Centre (Avignon)25/09/2020 11:090 min
Car TER425357Villefranche-Vernet-l.B (Fuilla)25/09/2020 11:310 min
TER876256Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 12:090 min
TER86983Port-Bou (Portbou)25/09/2020 12:570 min
TER86990Narbonne (Narbonne)25/09/2020 13:090 min
TGV INOUI6204Paris-Gare-de-Lyon (Paris)25/09/2020 13:310 min
TER877673Prades-Molitg-les-Bains (Prades)25/09/2020 14:060 min
TER876258Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 14:090 min
TER86985Port-Bou (Portbou)25/09/2020 14:540 min
TER86992Avignon-Centre (Avignon)25/09/2020 15:090 min
TGV INOUI6036Paris-Gare-de-Lyon (Paris)25/09/2020 15:310 min
TER876260Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 16:090 min
TER877675Prades-Molitg-les-Bains (Prades)25/09/2020 16:160 min
TER86987Port-Bou (Portbou)25/09/2020 16:550 min
TER86994Avignon-Centre (Avignon)25/09/2020 17:090 min
TER876143Cerbère (Cerbère)25/09/2020 17:250 min
Car TER425363Villefranche-Vernet-l.B (Fuilla)25/09/2020 17:330 min
TGV INOUI6260Paris-Gare-de-Lyon (Paris)25/09/2020 17:410 min
TER86979Port-Bou (Portbou)25/09/2020 17:550 min
TER876262Toulouse-Matabiau (Toulouse)25/09/2020 18:100 min
TER876119Cerbère (Cerbère)25/09/2020 18:260 min
TER86989Port-Bou (Portbou)25/09/2020 18:550 min
TER86996Nîmes (Nîmes)25/09/2020 19:090 min
TER876261Cerbère (Cerbère)25/09/2020 19:550 min
Intercités de nuit3730Paris-Austerlitz (Paris)25/09/2020 19:580 min
TER876432Nîmes (Nîmes)25/09/2020 20:090 min
TER876149Cerbère (Cerbère)25/09/2020 21:000 min

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